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Jack Burton for President!

Posted on: July 28, 2016

Here’s a trick question: When did Luke Skywalker become the hero of Star Wars? It wasn’t eight o’clock, Day One, that’s for sure. When introduced he’s an unhappy dreamer without any real spine whatsoever. He wants to leave the farm and do ‘something’ but he doesn’t know what exactly, so he never can muster the courage to leave his family and go after it, whatever ‘it’ is. When the fam gets wiped out, he immediately hitches his star to Old Ben’s wagon, following him into the first adventure that comes along. They get captured, Ben goes to arrange their escape, and that’s when it happens. When R2D2 discovers the princess is on the station, it’s Luke who says, “We have to save her.”

Luke Skywalker made the decision. That’s what leaders do. The ignore the usual causal relations and do what they choose to do in spite of them. And when that decision is in favor of something that he or she feels is the morally right course of action, that’s when they become heroes. Or villains. The Kingpin chooses to order evil acts performed which he genuinely regrets but regards as necessary to a cause which he believes is right.

It’s not a requirement to be a leader that you be the smartest or the strongest. Kirk is not smarter than Spock, but he is the captain. Nor is it enough to be out front, first among many. What gets all those CEOs constantly installed on one corporate board after another in spite of their many failures is their ability to decide, to select or even invent a course when circumstances don’t select one for you, or even push them in a different direction.

Jack Burton is a clown and a fool, but he is also a hero and a leader. Surrounded by an army of ninjas, led by a wizard, when the false wall is discovered, it’s Jack who says “F*ck it”, whips out his knife, and slices away, with all the others looking on in admiration. They had the skills, the powers, but he had the ability to inspire them to follow.



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