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Posted on: August 18, 2013

Ever since I finished my fanfic series I’ve been trying to catch up on other stories I’ve been interested in seeing but put off. I didn’t want to see other things while writing in the Chuck vein, sometimes I have trouble getting back into that mood.

First off, naturally, was to review and re-edit my last novel, Ghostkiller, which I was able to finish mainly because of Chuck (I alternated writing chapters) but I see now wasn’t done very well. The story is complete, but much of the ending is in dialog form, with only enough narrative material to connect the dots. But it’s worse than that. I spent the last several days revising a single chapter, which is top-heavy with some backstory. I had to rewrite several times before I finally got a chapter I liked, and now I’ve moved on, but that doesn’t mean it’ll get easier from here.

That’s for my mornings. In my afternoons I’ve been watching DVDs of some shows I discovered a while back. I saw seasons 1 & 2 of Castle a while ago, and discovered my library had acquired seasons 3 & 4 while my back was turned, so I got those and we plowed through them. More focus on the relationship angle, which was okay by me. I was less than thrilled with the mystery-of-the-week format of the first two seasons, one of the reasons I was willing to wait so long to see the rest. The manipulations were more obvious, though. Beckett retcons herself, stating she has walls she’s built up, which is the first I remember hearing of them. And there are only so many times you can play the sudden interruption card, but practically every start of an intimate conversation ended with “Beckett, I got something…” I much prefer the scene in Notting Hill, where the rather brainless reader is walking in on the Important Conversation and Hugh Grant tells him to go away. But there was enough of it that when she finally did choose him over the job it wasn’t totally out of left field. But S4 only showed the beginnings of that in the finale, they could still get hit with a rocket launcher on the way to bed. Michael Dorn as the therapist was good to watch, his role had more weight than Christopher Lloyd’s therapist in Chuck, which was a wasted opportunity on several levels.

And then I finally got started with Dexter. I admit the main reason I want to see it is because of Yvonne Strahovski’s appearance in season’s 7 & 8 (another film I got from the library is The Killer Elite, because she’s in that as well), but the show seems to be highly developed over time, and I’ve heard many good things about it, so I’m starting at the beginning. I found the S1 DVD set at BJs and picked it up, but waited until now to open it up and watch. Now that is a wonderful show! Dexter as the outsider, commenting on human foibles as he tries to copy them, while at the same time so blasé about his own hidden predilections. I don’t think the show would work without the star. Playing a man who’s playing a man isn’t at all easy. The ending was a little bit off, though. Too many sudden reveals diminished the dramatic impact. Harry is supposed to be this compassionate man who cares for Dexter, but there’s an older boy in the trailer who gets ignored? What? The killer makes mistakes because he’s in a hurry, but no one’s close to catching up to him, and they’re not even really looking. Deb is unconscious and misses the revelation that Dexter is a serial killer, but wakes up and instantly twigs to the fact that Dexter stops the killer from killing her. Huh? The conclusion was lacking from a plot perspective, but the impact on Dexter was still worthwhile, thanks to Mr. Hall’s acting, and that’s the central focus of the show so I’m good with it.

Other high points for me were Officer Doakes’ treatment of Deb Morgan. He chews her out when she screws up, but is also free with praise when she does good work, as does Angel. I liked the way he does what Dexter does at one point, but gets away with it thanks to official connections (and defends Angel to boot, who had to choose honesty over loyalty), which could be some foreshadowing for Dexter. He could easily have been a caricature, as could Lt. Laguerda, who’s extremely petty and vindictive, but does redeem herself at times. She deserves what she gets, but she’s a better character at the end than she was at the beginning.

I can’t see myself writing fanfics for either of these shows, though. Okay, back to chapter 19…


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