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Shiny Happy People Chapter 4

Posted on: August 19, 2012

Chapter 4 of Shiny Happy People (my latest #Chuck fanfic) is up! Hey, I actually did some research this time!

It’s been a while since I posted any of the links to my stories through WordPress, for some reason the people at removed the button that would have let me cross-post to a lot of places. Which is too bad, as I’m very busy writing new stories and posting about them on here was a really useful way to promote them and write a blog post at the same time.

My fanfictions are really motivating to me, I decided long ago to hold myself to ransom with them. I won’t write the next chapter in the story (and my current project is hugely ambitious) until I write at least a thousand words in my manuscript. In addition to wanting to get back to a story I really like to write, there is another benefit in shifting back and forth between stories, taking a break from each to write the other. And I get practice in writing in other styles. Fanfiction readers are also very likely to provide some degree of feedback.

I just checked and most of my current project has failed to get any mention at all in my blog! The whole thing is called nine2five, and it’s a rewrite of season 3 in which Chuck works for the CIA in a more 9-5 capacity. Each story is essentially the equivalent of an episode in this ‘season’, and each story is four chapters long. I’ve posted links to the the first chapters only, there are internal links to follow for the later chapters. So here it is so far:

nine2five – I’m rewriting season 3 along what I think are more logical lines.

nine2five 2: Casey versus the Janitors – in which NSA agent John Casey takes on the biggest challenge of his career, cleaning up after the whole damn CIA.

nine2five 3: Larger Than Life – having introduced the basic elements of the story, we now go straight for the mayhem, and who better to incite mayhem than everyone’s favorite loose cannon, Carina!

nine2five4: Shiny Happy People – Picking up the pieces as the Ring goes after Charles Carmichael in Hawaii, except Chuck’s in DC.



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