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Posted on: April 22, 2012

Today I received one of the greatest compliments that I have ever received as an author. I recently completed a fanfiction series that I’d been working on for quite some time. Since I have a lot of other projects running, plus a new job that I just started, I was planning to stop writing the fanfics for a while. I even said so in the afterward.

So of course the first thing I write after that is another fanfic!

There was a reason for that, of course. I’d had some other story ideas, one of which was a way to continue a storyline in a more sensible direction than it had been done on the show. It wasn’t so much a story as a story idea, a plan for the creation of stories. I wrote up a short story outlining most of the ground rules, and sent it off to a few of my fanfic-writing friends. Not only did I want some feedback but the idea was to get people to write stories in this context, known as an Alternate Universe or AU.

One of them wrote back to me shortly after I sent it to him, thanking me for inspiring him to write more! He’d been planning to take a two-month hiatus from writing, feeling burnt out. When he saw my ideas he found new inspiration for new stories of his own, using mine as a platform.

Like I said, nothing better.


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