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Not This Time Chapter 7: A Woman’s Home, a chuck fanfic – FanFiction.Net

Posted on: April 9, 2012

Not This Time Chapter 7: A Woman’s Home, a chuck fanfic – FanFiction.Net.

It’s not easy doing dream sequences, you know. Dreams are not verbal things, so they have to be driven more by images and actions than by what anybody says. Everything is symbolic, and very little can be spelled out for the reader without making it implausible.

I’ve long thought the same about interior dialog. People don’t think in words, they think in images, which is much faster. This is not always a good thing. Many errors in thought exist because we don’t take the time to slow everything down to the level of words and then examine the words for logical errors. We just enjoy the scenery and if there are problems we just look somewhere else, or take it for granted, or hide it with a nice shrub, or something, until the logical flaws become too apparent, usually far too late for us to do anything about except wonder why this had to happen to us.

Sorry. Minor rant over.


1 Response to "Not This Time Chapter 7: A Woman’s Home, a chuck fanfic – FanFiction.Net"

Very well said. In my trilogy, my character becomes driven by dreams. Though not quite nightmares, they are still intense and confusing and during his waking hours, his actions become somewhat erratic because of it. Then again writing the story was rather driven by my own dreams. It seemed only logical I should go ahead and pass it down. Personally, I think I did a pretty good job. When it comes out, I’ll see if my readers think the same.


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