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Heroine Speak!

Posted on: January 24, 2012

Book Title: St. Martin’s Moon

Heroine Name: Candace (and Bing-Bang, via Miss Miho Tanaka)

What were you like before the story began? (Tanaka) My client was dead then, and is still dead. I’m a medium, appearing in the novel Ghostkiller, but I’m taking a break now. (Candace) I was the Communications Officer for Coventry Base, which sounds like a big deal except we didn’t talk to anybody.

Who are you in love with and why? (Candace) Nobody, until I met (sigh) Joseph. (Tanaka) That’s ‘Joey’, my client says.

Possessive, aren’t we? (Tanaka) He’s mine! I mean, he’s hers. Bing-Bang’s, that is. (Candace) You’d never think she’s been dead four years already, would you?

So how did you meet? (Candace) Two of our guys were found on the surface of the moon, looking for all the world like they’d been slaughtered by a werewolf, and we were a little upset by this. We couldn’t see how it could happen, and we really, really needed to, so we asked the System authorities, and they sent him. (Tanaka) My client met him at work, they were partners. I like Candace’s story better.

What was your immediate reaction to Joseph? What did you first think of him? (Tanaka) He was my client’s teacher. Naturally she was terrified of him. She got over it. (Candace) I thought he smelled nice. And he looked nice. And he sounded nice…

Surely it wasn’t that easy? (Candace) Well, no, remember I was head of Communications, a certain professional, um, decorum… (Tanaka) I think she means she didn’t drool. My client, of course, did not drool either. It messes up the space suit. (Candace) Not to mention that I had to keep secrets right and left, it got so I forgot what lies I was telling to whom!

So you had some little bumps on your road to romance? (Candace) Well, it didn’t help that all sorts of people were spying on him. One of them activated a bug in our systems, and I thought it was him, and well…And of course there was the sex. (Tanaka) What about the sex? (Candace) We couldn’t have any. You know, throes of passion, love bites…

So it was hopeless? (Tanaka) My client took an asteroid to the chest, and is currently incorporeal, so I’d say yes, it’s hopeless. (Candace) I’d hoped it wasn’t, but the station started to come apart and they were going to throw him out no matter what. I never thought I’d say this but thank God for Dr. Ron, and even Bertrand.

I interviewed him earlier. Isn’t he a psychopath? (Candace) Betrand is, yes. The important part is that only Joseph could attack them from the rear, and he did. Our savior. (Tanaka) Your idiot, you mean, going up against a werewolf in a locked room. Didn’t take him long before he went my client’s way. (Candace) Yes, well, it all came right in the end.

Any regrets? (Candace) No, none at all, not even the vat-grown whiting in tofu sauce over rice. (Tanaka) I’m sorry, my client is howling in my ear. I don’t think she has anything more to say.


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