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Posted on: August 18, 2011

It should come as no surprise to those who’ve read this blog that I have a particular fondness for a short-lived TV show called Wonderfalls. It was a brilliant comedy based on the premise of this underachieving, cynical, Gen Y girl who gets tapped by the gods to do the things they need to have done. Since my own fantasy series is based on much the same premise (except for the underachieving, cynical, Gen Y slacker part)(what the hey, it’s not a comedy) it really struck my fancy.

Wonderfalls was cancelled in its first year, but they were still shooting the final episodes, so the producers were able to rewrite the scripts to turn the final few episodes into a story arc that resolved most of the plot threads. In particular they brought back the ex-wife of the male romantic lead to challenge our heroine for his affection. But every time she tries to stand up for herself, the gods keep telling her to shut up, in the form of their avatars, animal toys and images with faces that talk to her and no one else.

I was recently watching these last few episodes again, don’t ask me why ’cause I don’t know, and I discovered a new bit of whimsy that for some reason just makes me laugh even when I just think about it.

She’s trying to get to the chapel where the man is re-marrying his ex-wife (it’s complicated, you really should see the show), after the gods have finally given her permission to go after him. Her car was taken by her best friend, who was also trying to disrupt the ceremony (but who gets sidetracked by one of the avatars), so she has to take a cab. The cab has an air freshener in the form of an angel or some other creature with a face. She lunges forward, grabs the air freshener and throws it out the window. As it goes, the air freshener cries out, “I didn’t say anything!”

It’s a little thing, but it just fits so perfectly with the whole show. I already loved the show, and to find this little funny bit was like finding a $20 in an old pair of pants. Not that I think you need to have the connection between ‘found money’ and ‘found funny’ spelled out for you, because I don’t. It’s one of those little pleasures that makes reviewing and re-reading so much fun, the stuff you pick up on the second time around. Has this ever happened to you?


1 Response to "Found funny"

I loved this show, too, and was so disappointed when it was canceled. Thx for the reminder, good older or canceled TV shows can be great idea wellsprings.


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