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Posted on: July 25, 2011

Well, you can’t say I didn’t try.

Last year I was pretty sure that Confluence as an event for Author Guy (the name of my little bookselling operation) had been played out. My publisher doesn’t produce that many books in a year, and the fantasy part of that is even smaller. I did get some decent sales of St. Martin’s Moon, which is the main reason I went. Unfortunately it seems like many of the people who go decided this year they couldn’t afford it and stayed home. The hard-core fans came, but they were attending panels and stuff like that rather than spending lots of time and money in the dealer room. Fortunately we had the new ebook coupons so we could sell a number of books that way. Unfortunately they don’t make a lot of money for Author Guy.

I got in a bit of chatting in the con suite, one of the other benefits to being at places like this. Somehow the guy I was talking to got the idea that I wanted to produce one of my short stories as a short film project and started giving me lots of advice on what I’d need for the project. A young lady listening insisted on giving me her name and email since she was an actress. I may try to get it produced, but only by finding someone else who produces such things and is looking for material. If you need a funny 20 minute short modeled on English farce, let me know.

At least the trip home didn’t cause us any problems. The last two years we got home at 2 AM due to road construction in PA and long lines at the toll booth for the GWB. This time there was none of that but we still got in at around midnight, which was the best we could expect. So you can imagine that I’m writing this post one sentence at a time.

Confluence is the end of my con schedule for the year. I still have the Collingswood book festival, but other than that I only have small craft/gift fairs on LI to look forward to. I was thinking of maybe Arisia and/or Boskone next year. I don’t know of too many other cons in the Northeast. Do you?


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