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Tomorrow Night

Posted on: May 7, 2011

When it comes to reading my tastes have always run to fantasy and scifi. I had a set of Oz books in my room and we watched Star Trek reruns every night. When it came to movies I was a bit more eclectic, with Chiller Theater and all the Universal monster movies I could find. I would rush home every year during Monster Week on the 4:30 movie, mostly old Godzilla and bad dinosaur flicks.

My latest novel, St. Martin’s Moon, is also my first paranormal, so it will hopefully come as a surprise to no one that it’s a paranormal with a scifi spin to it. It wasn’t supposed to be. Back when I got the idea it was supposed to be a mystery/horror, but I quickly found out that my skill set doesn’t cover those genres. All I had when I found this out was a set of really nice characters, at least one werewolf, and a lunar colony. And a ghost. My experience with werewolves was all Lawrence Talbot style werewolves, as you may imagine, poor cursed men and women just trying to endure the horror of it. Most of them. Here I was trying to incorporate a curse into a scifi environment. You can see my problem.

I couldn’t. To me it just seemed the most normal thing in the world to combine the two. I actually had an idea of creating a whole series of stories of this sort, in which the famous monsters of yesterday would be brought forward to at least today if not beyond that, just by a little. The idea of the vampire or werewolf being brought into the modern era is nothing new, but somehow they got turned into romantic leads in the process. My series has them as the monsters and cursed persons they were. It would be called Tomorrow Night, yesterday’s monsters in tomorrow’s world. St. Martin’s Moon could be considered the first book in that series. Whether there will be any more remains to be seen. I’m currently working on another novel called Ghostkiller that could be number two. And a whole host of smaller stories that might make a good collection.

But I digress.

Trying to figure out the logic behind a curse is almost an exercise in futility. I had just a little trouble figuring out why silver had its effect, and what the Moon had to do with it all. Of course, so did all the people on my alternate Earth, including the hero, a werewolf hunter who hated his job. Let me tell you, it’s a PITA to try to apply logic to an occult curse scenario. I have a story on hold right now, about a man who turns into a dog, who meets a dog who turns into a woman. I’m trying to figure a way for them both to remain human at the end for the HEA. That’s why it’s on hold. Gah. I’m pretty sure Tomorrow Night can still be done, but not as paranormals, or SFs. I’ve created a genre designation for it: Gothic SF.

I predict it will be a very small genre.


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