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Posted on: March 13, 2011

Kick, kick. Scream, scream.

That’s me, getting dragged kicking and screaming into the perilous world of internet social networkery. The latest step outside my (pretty small) comfort zone is the dreaded blog tour! I just got the hang of tweeting 9 months ago and now this. And guess what? It starts…Tuesday! Talk about short notice, eh. Or perhaps this is what I call ‘deep-ending the newbie’ in my latest novel. (Edit: fortunately this turned out to be a simple calendrical error. At this point the earliest date scheduled is April 12th, which also happens to be a Tuesday, just a different Tuesday.)

So far I have all of eleven confirmed dates, and one I’m hoping to fill, and two more that miraculously opened up, post-release.

So here’s my pathetically short list here:

April 8th I will kickoff at Jen Wylie’s blog.

April 12th I’ll be seeking sanctuary with Eva Coppersmith.

April 15th I’ll be at Julie Campbell’s blog.

April 18th I may be squirming over at Julia Barrett’s place.

April 21st I’ll be visiting Su Halfwerk.

April 25th will be spent with paranormal muse Rebecca Foote.

April 28th I will be haunting J.R. Turner’s site.

Mayday, m’aidez! Bookeaters blog comes to the rescue!

May 5th will see the release of a new microstory at Sean Hayden’s blog, which strangely enough does not seem to have its own URL, but there is a bright, shiny, candy-like button to press.

Amber Polo’s Wordshaping blog will be hosting me on May 8th as part of her ‘Why I Write Fantasy’ series.

On May 11th I can be found at Karen Syed’s site. My publisher insisted.

May 15th is the official release date, and I’ll be posting on the Echelon Explorations blog as I can. We will be at the South Carolina Book Festival that day.

May 23rd I’ll be joining Karen Nutt to talk about how St. Martin’s Moon is a paranormal romance (and how it isn’t).

And that’s it. If any of you guys out there want to help me remove either of those adjectives describing my list I’d be ever so grateful.


9 Responses to "Insert blog tour here"

Okay Marc, would you like to guest blog on my blog, Vivid Sentiments?
Please drop me an email.
Su Halfwerk


Tweeted! Good luck on your blog tour! I’m sure you’ll have fun.


I forgot to say, if you want to add to your list of blog visits. I’m booking for May. (2nd, 16th, 23rd, and 30th are still available.)
Let me know.

Take Care and congratulations on your new release.


Welcome to the world of the blog-tour. Hopefully once the nerves subside, you can relax and enjoy it. Good luck


Good luck. You can use me anytime. I’m always open for tours and events. Drop me an email and I’ll tweet for you!


I’m already hosting for one blog’s tour in late April. If I get a few more I might make a month of it – so if you’re interested, drop me a line and we’ll see what can be arranged.


If you’re interested, I have an opening on April 29. Just let me know.


That works for the schedule I’m putting together, about every third day or so.


I’m doing a blog tour in April/May as well for my Paranormal novel Ordinary Angels. If you’d like to swap audiences with interviews or guest spots, drop me an email!


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