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Posted on: February 12, 2011

I don’t know about you, but the aspect of this whole published author thing that I find most daunting is keeping track of all the little pieces that go into it.

I just spent a good part of my day updating my website, putting all sorts of material up there about my upcoming release, St. Martin’s Moon. (Which, I will probably find to my shock and horror, was probably half wasted effort, as–surprise!–I have a short story also in production called ‘Ex Libris’, which will probably come out first and I’ll have to redo the whole thing.) As part of my overhaul I added the new cover to the book, as well as created two new pages with the first chapter and some FAQ, not that anyone’s asked me too many questions about it as of yet.  Then I added a couple of review comments, and some of this and some of that, only to find that I’d messed up something else and OMG. And my back hurts. Please swing on by and tell what you think, what you’d like to see, all that good stuff. I’m even pretty sure the email links work.

At least this time I have plenty of time to go about asking for reviews of the book before it comes out. Which means I have to find reviewers and ask them, and then keep track of the fact that I asked them and keep track of who I sent the ARCs to, and who I got reviews from. (2 so far, thank you for asking.) BTW, I would like to thank both Paul Jessup and Curtis Jobling for having published werewolf novels recently, and mentioning their own reviewers, so I know who to ask myself.

Fortunately we have some folks at Echelon who are constantly finding and mentioning any little treasure trove they come across, so I don’t have to do it all myself. Occasionally I also troll the web, googling my own name to see if anyone’s mentioned me that I don’t about. I found a number of very nice comments about Unbinding the Stone that way.

At some point I have to get around to taking the cover art and getting posters made from it (and bookmarks and postcards), nice large prints that will be visible to everyone as they walk past my booth at all the events I’ll be doing this year. Once I get them set up, that is. I’m set up for a few, have find my calendar and figure out which ones they are, and when, so I don’t double-book myself. O Crap, I just realized I did that already. My library is doing an author event and it’s opposite Icon, the biggest SF/F event in the northeast. And here I am with a new paranormal! Can’t exactly miss that. Now I have to call the library and see if they can reschedule, otherwise I’ll have to miss it.


I once asked my boss about all the time off days I took here and there about the year, mostly Fridays and Mondays so I could travel to the SF/F cons andbook festivals around the country. To be honest I think these are much better vacations for me that a trip to the beach, it forces me to focus on something non-work related and I make money doing it! But I felt kind of bad for taking so many little days, rather than one big vacation interval, but he said it was fine, at least I knew well in advance when I would be out so he could plan ahead!

What is this thing you call ‘planning ahead’? We do not know of it on my planet.


8 Responses to "Keeping track"

Marc, I know *exactly* what you mean… Deep breath, struggle on.


You have my sympathies. 😉 On the other hand I’m a pretty good hand-seller. It’s just the mailing campaigns and the keeping track of promotional efforts and trying to figure out what works that defeats me. I’m getting the hang of twitter and wordpress and such, so I stick to what I know.


I write lists. When it comes to the editing side, I’m totally list dependent. With far too many things around my own work, my strategy is far too close to muddling along and hoping that it works out somehow 🙂


I try to keep a list on my flash drive, but some times I don’t have it and what do I do then? I still don’t automatically think of notepad when I want to write something down, I look for pencil and paper and of course I don’t have any.


I keep “Post It” notes in business! Ive got notes everywhere! LOL! And still, despite it all, I find its not all that organized as I originally planned!

Hang in there, Marc! Youre doing better than a lot of us! LOL!

hugs, Kari Thomas


Somehow I don’t see Post-It notes and Organized in the same sentence. We use a calendar for all my events, but looking for reviews is something new. I have a folder in my mail folder where I store all my review requests and responses.


It’s even worse when you have an appalling memory. I jot everything down in a day planner. I’m doing a lot of ARC reading right now and if I didn’t jot it down, I’d forget for which authors I agreed to read and the order I received the ARC’s. Throw in a lack of tech skills (at least compared to some people, although I’m not terrible) and I’m soon overwhelmed. I enjoy the marketing but it is time consuming. BTW, all your book covers are excellent.


Thank you, but I can’t claim credit for the book covers, with the exception of the covers for A Warrior Made and Steampunk Santa. I had some input into those, but in many cases I was presented with them. Fortunately Karen and Natalie have good taste.
I have a very good memory, and most of what I do I keep in my head. That makes it harder to do the note-taking thing, since it doesn’t come automatically to me.


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