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Tying it all together

Posted on: December 16, 2010

In a few months (2 months to be precise, Feb. 1 of next year), my new novel, St. Martin’s Moon, will finally make its first appearance to a grateful world.  It occurs to me that perhaps I should start thinking about considering the possibility of figuring out how to let people know about this momentous event.

Or I could just skip all that and do it now, but I’ll take a little sideways step first.

I have been a little distracted lately.  I’ve discovered a number of programs in various libraries and have been catching up on shows that I like.  I recently discovered Burn Notice this way, as well as finding seasons of Castle. I even discovered that a TV movie I’d seen, Witchblade, had been made into a series and put on DVD.  The problem is that these are library items, so they have to be watched within the loan period. I’ve spent the last several weeks plowing through all these episodes and enjoying them all hugely, but I haven’t been updating my website the way I should.

But it occurred to us that this might itself be something to put on the website.  Stories are stories, after all, and it might interest someone who is a fan of, say, Burn Notice, to see what kind of fantasy or paranormal novel would be written by someone who also likes a spy drama like that one.  They do have a lot in common. All of my books feature a central figure who operates mostly without oversight, trying to do the things he thinks are right.  They are all character-centered stories.  I think my hero Joseph Marquand would get along just fine with MichaelWesten.  Just about the only thing Marquand doesn’t do is voice-over to the audience some arcana of the operator’s trade.

So I’m thinking what I can do is some series of blog posts on the subject of my favorite stories, going into some detail as to exactly why they are my favorite stories. ‘Stories’ will be taken in the widest possible sense, including books, movies, TV shows, comics, etc. I love looking for connections like these and I hope other people will too. I’d love to learn of new stories I haven’t yet seen, as well.

Care to join me?


2 Responses to "Tying it all together"

I have dropped by here a few times, always like what I read. I like this idea.
Burn Notice has become one of those shows that I enjoy and I’m a huge fan of Castle.
I also write Fantasy/Paranormal and…well, love to discuss stories and all that goes in and on in them!


I’d like to watch Castle more but it’s on too late for me. I’m an early to bed early to rise sort of person, which comes in real handy getting kids off to the bus, or writing a page or so first thing, while the ideas are there. I got the S1 DVD set and enjoyed the banter, then I asked for S2 but it came in exactly the same time that Burn Notice S2 came in and I couldn’t see more than 5 eps before I had to return it!
One of the things I hope for from this series of posts (once I start it) is not only to interest viewers of Castle, Witchblade, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, Burn Notice, etc., in my work, especially St. Martin’s Moon, but also to learn about new stories while they’re still around. I don’t watch much TV or many movies for pecisely this reason, that so much of it doesn’t have what I like and look for. I’m hoping there will be lots of input in the comments on all topics.


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