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Stuff Thanksgiving

Posted on: November 25, 2010

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and so, in the spirit of writers everywhere, as they ponder all the myriad blessings of their lives this past year, I am not going to do a Thanksgiving post.

Anyone can do a Thanksgiving post. True originality comes from not doing a Thanksgiving post.

So instead of reflecting on the deep gratitude I owe to my publisher, Echelon Press, for taking yet more chances on me and my work (6 this year, I think, one novel and five short stories), I’m going to watch the next episode of Witchblade.  Or maybe re-watch the last episode of Chuck, with Sarah conquering half of Thailand single-handed, or whine in frustrated impatience for the next episode, the Thanksgiving episo–No, no Thanksgiving.

We’re talking about, um, all my friends, on Twitter and Facebook and WordPress.  The people who read my tweets and blogs, who visit my website and hopefully buy my books, even if only to fill in their Christmas shopping list with a book they can rest assured no one has ever heard of before.  It’s not easy being a new author, even if I have been at it for over a decade.  Let me tell you, though, if you tell me what you’re recipient likes, I can tell you which Echelon book to get for him her that person.  I’ve read them all.  Go on, tough guy, push me. I dare you.  Don’t expect me to ramble on and on about the joy and happiness your friendship brings me considering I’ve only been active on the social networking thing for a few months, because I’m not going to.

My wife, of course, knew better than to push me to displays of saccharine sentiment, instead challenging me to come up with a blog post filled with holiday buzz words that didn’t actually talk about any of them. Just look at that tag cloud!  Was there ever a more perfect spouse?

Fortunately, the pies my wonderful children made last night are out of my direct view, and the turkey in the oven, with its real handmade sage stuffing, has not yet begun to perfume the air with the aroma of its baking, which leaves me free to think about my next story, Ghostkiller, or maybe my last story, Steampunk Santa, and how I hope it will receive an audience when it comes out pre-Christmas.  There, you see how I didn’t even mention Thanksgi–

Ha! Better luck next year!


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