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Posted on: November 12, 2010

Wow, that’s even uglier than NaNoWriMo.  But I like it better.

Why? Because it’s something I made up, first of all. Next of all, it’s a contest (at least, if it were a contest it would be a contest) that I might actually play and might even win.  Well, let’s not get silly here, I’d likely not win, because I don’t write that fast.

I should think it obvious that this hideous appellation stands for National Short Story Writing Month.  Even though I am a writer, and even an author, I don’t participate in NaNoWriMo.  I am insanely competitive, as all who know me can attest, and I don’t like to lose, so often times I prefer not to play.  If I did play, I’d take it too seriously to have any fun, which is why I play solitaire type games, or games with no clear ending, or games where the goal is to get a faster time, or games where chance is a strong element so it’s not my fault.  Since I am such a slow writer I would never get a novel done in a month, except by dropping every other element of my life and shrieking at everyone to leave me alone so I could concentrate.

Not a good way to keep your day job.

And I wouldn’t think of it as “Oh gee, well, at least I got X thousand words written.” It’s not a novel. It’s not complete.  So it doesn’t count.  (See?  Competitive.) With NaShoStoWriMo the issue wouldn’t be can I get a short story done in time, it would be how many.  I can do a short story in less than  a month.  I did Chasing His Own Tale in, like, 2 weeks.  One week to agonize over how I could never write such a thing, and another week to have a brilliant idea and write it.  Let’s not forget Bite Deep, the story I did for the Heat of the Moment anthology, which just received new life as an independent release.  I had a mere 2 weeks to get that done and I did.  Yay, me.  I wrote Off the Map in three weeks, I think, but I was unemployed at the time. I got Noisemaker done very quickly (for the PARSEC contest), and Steampunk Santa thing not only was a lot of fun, it had a deadline.  I like deadlines.  Something to beat.

Do you like a good deadline?


2 Responses to "NaShoStoWriMo"

Now that is something I could do!
Nanowrimo is kicking my butt, mostly bc this month is my busiest ever and I just don’t have TIME.

But short stories? Those I can zip out. I wrote both Jump and my Immortals short in 2 days each.
I think you should start one of these up.
But don’t make it in November! 😛 How about January? Or February? 😀


I was thinking January would be good. Not a lot going on then, including the book events I do.


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