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Posted on: October 4, 2010

September is the beginning of the busy season for Author Guy, and even busier for me than usual this time around.  So if I’ve been remiss with posting new content here I hope you’ll forgive me.

Last weekend was the Collingswood book festival, held in Collingswood NJ, a very pretty small town just outside of Camden, an event I’ve done for the last 4 years.  The economy is taking its toll, most people buying books were buying them more for their kids than for themselves.  The previous weekend we had a Fall festival in Wildwood State Park and much the same thing happened there.  Fewer books sold, too.  If it hadn’t been for the phenomenal toy sales my daughter racked up we might have lost money on the day.  As it is, between the trip down, the trip back, the event itself, and all the counting yesterday (plus nap), my weekend was shot.  I have more events coming up, this is the busy season for a craft fair bookseller like me.

Another thing that took some little bit of time yesterday was a search for images on the web for a new cover my publisher is putting together.  I guess that’s all my fault for putting together cover art ideas for some of my other stories and then telling her about them.  She also presented me with the cover art for a story of mine soon to be released independently. 

Be careful what you wish for!

‘Bite Deep’ was originally written for an anthology called Heat of the Moment, intended to raise money for a charity that supported people who lost their homes during the San Diego wildfires a few years back.  We were asked to write a story about fire.  I wrote a vampire Christmas carol. 

The funny thing was that a few weeks ago my publisher sent me the release schedule for a number of my stories, including St. Martin’s Moon, ‘Chasing His Own Tale 2: Struck By Inspiration’, ‘Undermind’, and ‘Ex Libris’.  Note the absence of ‘Bite Deep’ from this list.  Then I notice that she’s asking for holiday stories, so I remind her that BD is a holiday story, of sorts, and she asks, ‘Which holiday?”  It’s all right, ‘Bite Deep’ is not a typical Hallmark Special, Rankin/Bass production of a holiday story.  It’s a story of sacrifice and redemption, built out of three of the world’s great mythologies.  My logline for it is:

The vampires learn the true meaning of Christmas.

David Broder learns the true meaning of vampires.

Be careful what you wish for.

And it has fire, too.  So now Bite Deep will be coming out first, as soon as it does I’ll put up a link.  Chasing His Own Tale 2 will be coming out just before St. Martin’s Moon.  I’ll let you figure out why that’s such good timing.

Along with her request for holiday stories she also requested steampunk stories.  I asked her “Steampunk holiday stories?”  She said either would do but if I could do both that would be cool.  So of course before the day was out I had come up with a steampunk Santa story!  Sample text:

“My Wind-Up Walkers would be all the rage, if you’d just put them into the bag!”

“They look like spiders, and they’re creepy.”  

It’s already veered off course from where I had originally thought it would go, which is no surprise, I’m an indifferent plotter at the best of times.  Since this one is time sensitive I’m putting it first.

So how have you been?  What do you think of the cover? 



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