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Take my story – please!

Posted on: September 12, 2010

Yes, I just posted a freebie.

Even worse, it’s a fan fiction.  I know you’ve all come to see me as the ever calm, reasonable, rational, discusser of all things writer-licious, but I too have a darker side.  I am a fan of stories, as we all know, and I, like all of us I’m sure, sometimes cringe when I see a show or read a book and there is a scene that is just too too painfully bad.

Not bad as in poorly written, but bad as in unnecessarily unpleasant.  Or sometimes simply lacking in some way that I personally find unpleasant.  These are scenes that nag at me in what would otherwise be a perfectly acceptable book.  Yes, the world is grim and the story dark, but is it necessary for a bunch of kids to die horribly for no good reason?  (I have a particular button about children in danger; The scene in Battlestar Galactica where the little girl is killed put me off the entire series, and don’t get me started on GRRM’s Ice and Fire series.)  Yes, the people died heroically and nobly protecting their planet, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way to let them know that their sacrifice wasn’t in vain?

As an author I can use this discomfort to my advantage.  I come up with alternate storylines for these scenarios and flavor my own writing with them.  Sometimes this is just a trifle, a pleasant little side-note, but once in a while it can be something quite spectacular that affects my entire story.  Tarkas setting his own arm on fire (the cover art to A Warrior Made over there is a scene from the story) is the sort of traumatic event that resonates through a character’s entire life.

A fanfic is a bit more than that, a whole story all on its own, dependent (if it is) only on the reader’s knowledge of the story it’s a fanfic of.  Normally I don’t have the time or interest to write fanfics.  I don’t much like writing in other people’s universes, trying to use someone else’s rules.  I’ve had a lot of ideas for such stories, including a Star Trek novel, but I’d never write them.

So why did I write this one?

Well, first of all, I love the TV show Chuck, with its strong characters, and fun plots.  Second, the part of season three that featured Hannah ended particularly badly, IMHO, and it didn’t have to.  In some respects it seemed like they had more than they could conveniently fit into four episodes so they tried to compress it and it didn’t quite work.  I have problems like this myself.  Third, I had recently discovered a story type called a HISHE, for How It Should Have Ended.  Most of these stories are used to point out the flaws in a story, the bad logic or poor plotting, especially in movies.  I decided to write one for a different purpose.  I wrote a story that would give poor Hannah a happier ending than the one we were shown in the show.  It’s consistent with the show’s storyline but something they didn’t show.  I put it up on, but we’re trying to get it up elsewhere.

So anyway, here’s my story,.  Take it away.




2 Responses to "Take my story – please!"

Fanfic – interesting. I’ve never delved into the genre, but appreciate your sharing your experience with it. Hey thanks for visiting my blog today – hadda stop in and check yours out. I like – will have to blog back in again sometimes. 🙂


Most fanfics are written by enthusiasts, with more passion than skill, I’m told. I’ve only read a few, and only written the one.
Thanks for stopping by.


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