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Confluence, third and last

Posted on: July 26, 2010

The ‘third and last’ bit is from my second novel, A Warrior Made.  Just thought I’d throw it in, since I’m totally wiped and weird things are happening in my brain.

Confluence ended yesterday, a frenetic day in which we sell as much stuff as we did the day before, which is longer.  Everyone who spent the weekend browsing comes in and buys a lot of stuff before they leave.  The same thing happened this time around, but unfortunately the day before we didn’t sell too much stuff.  End result we probably lost money.  Maybe not, there are people who get stuff off the web after they meet you, and there’s no way to know how much.  Also, a lot of the books we had were overstock that we don’t need to or can’t reorder.

I bought up all the remaining stock of Triangulations: Taking Flight that they had, 11 copies.  I have a story in that book so I sell and sign them whenever I can get copies.  In the future they’ll have to order new copies to be printed if I want to do that.  The new volume, Triangulations: End of the Rainbow, is based on the ‘color of silence’ theme, and I didn’t even enter a story into that one.  I did have an idea for it that might work as well for the new contest, which has the theme ‘Last Contact’.

I got some books signed by Wen Spencer on Saturday, and I ended up chatting with her again on Sunday while she was waiting for a panel to start.  I asked her if she would be interested in reading my novel St. Martin’s Moon for a cover quote, and she said she would!  (How cool is that?)  I hope she likes it, a Wen Spencer quote would be cool to have.

The trip home was both less and more nightmarish than I expected.  We did run into an I-80 construction delay, but only one.  On the other hand we got held up for an hour at the GWB.  Didn’t get home until after 2 AM again.  But I forced myself out of bed and did work, sorting books and such.  This means that right now I’m pretty much done in, and will now go take a nap.


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