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Confluence 2

Posted on: July 25, 2010

Saturday was the second day of Confluence, like most cons the only really full day.  Friday starts at 5pm, Sunday ends at 3pm so everyone can go home.  Last year, I didn’t get home until 2 in the morning, thanks to the traffic jams caused by the perpetual PA road construction and a lightning storm that I guess knocked out the toll booths at the George Washington Bridge for an hour.  I’m thinking of taking a different route this time.  For all I know PA could do this on all of their roads during the summer, but last year James and I got sidetracked on the way home from Chicago and ended up on the PA Tpke. and I don’t recall that there was much construction then.

We started out esterday in the usual way, breakfast at the Bob Evans restaurant across the street.  We tried the hotel restaurant once, but it was poor food and overpriced.  The only problem I have with Bob Evans food is that it’s too salty, and I can live with that.  I can eat half my breakfast for breakfast and the other half for dinner and not be hungry all day.  A couple of our fellow vendors were there already, so we sat with them.  Somehow either I or my daughter ended up talking Bill into getting a copy of Rain after his session of storytelling was over.

At the Con table in the lobby they were selling back issues of Triangulations, so I bought the entire stack of the volume that has my story in it, called Taking Flight.  I wiped them out!  I also managed to get some of my Wen Spencer novels signed.  I have all the Ukiah Oregon series and both of the Tinker series, but somehow I only found three books before I left home!  It was a good three, though, my favorites from both series.

As expected, selling was pretty spotty, usually in surges of people coming in betweeen the panels.  Sales weren’t great, so there’s a possibility I may not be coming back.  I love the people and the table is priced pretty low, but the hotel and the trip out here cost a bit.  On the other hand, it is a vacation, of sorts.  We did spend some more time than we usually do in the social arena.  The Con Suite is a place where free munchies are laid out and people go to chat about stuff when they aren’t anywhere else.  We spent a couple of hours up there on Friday night, got up late on Saturday, and then did it again last night.  People at SF cons are fun to talk to.  I spent an hour discusing philosophy with one man, and then the Evil Overlord List with someone else.  I have a couple of cards from people with writing blogs, to follow up on when I get home.

And some people have never heard of Chuck, which amazes me.

Last night was the book launch party for the latest volume of Triangulations, the anthology of short stories put together with the best and brightest from the PARSEC contest.  This year, the theme was ‘The Color of Silence’ and I didn’t submit a story to either.  I had a couple of ideas, and one of them actually got a “Cool!” from one guy I told about it, so I will probably write that for next year’s contest.  The theme this time around is ‘Last Contact’, and my idea was about a man sent to investigate a research outpost that got wiped out on a planet called Silence, so I can easily fit it in.  One of my other ideas, for the Dark Glass contest of yesteryear, got a surprisingly strong endorsement from no less than Tamora Pierce, who wanted to know when the book was coming out!  I had to promise to write it.  I actually had a couple of ideas for that contest, with similar themes, that I may put together as a pair of novellas, or perhaps more, in a single volume.  The title could be ‘Cravings’, with the tag line “One night at a time.”

Today is another day.  Hopefully I’ll sell a lot of books, and get home while it’s still today.


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