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Posted on: July 24, 2010

So yesterday was my first day at Confluence this year.  As always, everybody here is just as nice as can be.  Even the trip went well, we only got caught up in one of those perpetual PA highway construction hellholes once.  Lost a good half hour and thought we would get here late, but we managed anyway.  We were still setting up as the dealer’s room opened.

A lot of the same people from last year are here again, Christina from Undiscovered Treasures who sells stones, jewelry, carvings, and the occasional T-Shirt.  We got a shirt from her a few years ago, a Christmas present for my son the archaeologist.  Then we lost it, and found it again in time for the Christmas after that.  There was another T-shirt vendor here a few years back, I got a nice dragon shirt from her, that has ‘Curl up with a good book’ printed on it.  Haven’t seen her in a while though.

Confluence is a literary convention, so the people who come here love books, which is great, but most of the vendors here sell books, which isn’t so great.  But they don’t sell Echelon Press books, and they don’t have the full range of titles and genres.  People who read SF/F also tend to read in a lot of other genres, but the other book vendors only carry SF/F while I carry everything.  So hopefully I’ll sell some of that stuff today.  Yesterday we were open for three hours and I sold 4 books, all of which were either written by me or had stories in them that were written by me.  4 down, 80 more to go!

Back to the Dealer’s Room!


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