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Brave new world

Posted on: August 30, 2009

No, not the book.  I’ve read it, but this post isn’t about dystopias.

I have a new story coming out.  Yay for me!  Yes, I’m called AuthorGuy for a reason, probably the same reason every other person who calls himself author guy calls himself that.  Or maybe not.  I am an author, but I call myself author guy because of a story I wrote, coincidentally enough, the very same story that’s being released next month on Echelon Press’ new site for short stories.  It’s about an author, who goes by the name of Author Guy.  Read the story if you want to understand the reasons for this.

We’ll be doing a group blog for the site, and this is where it’ll be.  And since I’ve never blogged here before, this is the brave new world I was speaking of.  And Echelon Shorts.



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  • @bpcooper I appreciate the movie, Mr. Cooper. I do for others what I hope others would do for me, if they thought my work was worth it. 4 days ago
  • Started off with La La Land, a great musical, with a Casablanca-style romance. 1 week ago
  • I also tried Vertigo. Not a great film. The bad guy wins, the hero suffers, the female lead loses everything. A wasted couple of hours. 1 week ago
  • Just saw a great suspense movie called Time Lapse. A trio discovers a camera that photographs tomorrow. Great acting, tight story, no SFX. 1 week ago
  • The Power of Story… 4 weeks ago

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